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CAD planning office as a service

We draw your plans!

With our experience as architects and structural draughtsmen, we take over all CAD work for you that arises in the field of architecture and planning - from the preliminary project to the execution. Leave time-consuming drawing work to Archify's reliable CAD draughtsmen, who will be happy to support you in the event of capacity bottlenecks or a lack of infrastructure.

Our range of services is aimed equally at architects, engineers, construction, general and real estate companies. From conception to realisation, our qualified team members work with you to create high-quality CAD plans for you. Whether plans in 2D or 3D, you will be supported by us quickly, precisely and reliably.

Professional CAD plans in all project phases

◉ Project studies
◉ Project plans
◉ Construction input plans
◉ Implementation plans
◉ Detailed plans
◉ Transfer of plans/sketches to CAD
◉ Dimensional drawings
◉ Other CAD work


Plans for architects

Our team of experts with many years of CAD experience will take over the creation of all common architectural plans for you, from working sketches, digitising plans, project and building submission plans to detail and execution plans.

Plans for the real estate industry

Do you need professional plans for the presentation and sale of properties? We create high-quality floor plans and general plans according to your specifications and orient the layout to your needs.

Plans for general contractors

For general contractors, we provide all CAD planning services from the conception to the execution phase of the project. From smaller construction projects to complex large-scale projects, you can rely on the experience of our architects throughout Switzerland.

Taking measurements and drawing up plans

Are you planning a conversion and have no or no current plans? No problem! We bring your files up to date, with dimensional surveys and on-site inspection.

We measure your building - inside and out - and provide you with ready-to-use digital data or plans of the actual state. We plan with the widely used CAD system ArchiCAD and offer you the entire range of planning services through the use of BIM, from simple plan drawings to virtual building models. If desired, we can also create visualisations or 3D tours of your residential property in addition to CAD plans.

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