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Digitise plans - from paper to CAD

We catapult your property into the 21st century

Do you have old paper plans and need to present them to prospective tenants? Or do you have conversions, renovations or refurbishments coming up and the architect lacks the basis for a clean process? Archify offers you a professional CAD drawing service to transform architectural and construction plans as well as technical drawings printed on paper or drawn by hand into modern CAD plans. We digitise individual plans or drawings as well as large-volume projects.


Have plans digitised by Archify

As experienced specialists, we precisely digitise construction plans and drawings as required. With our comprehensive range of services, we are always happy to help you if your as-built plans do not meet the requirements in terms of quality.

Why digitise plans?

Computer-aided design or CAD is now the standard format used by architects, engineers and contractors when it comes to creating, reading and editing technical plans. However, especially of older buildings, there are often only plans available in paper format, which can be outdated or defective. This can become a problem during renovations, refurbishments or conversions.

These are the advantages of CAD plans

By redrawing your construction plans drawn on paper or printed, you get a clean, accurate and editable representation of important sketches. CAD files can be stored for the long term, protected and accessed on your screen with one click. This not only gives you the security of having copies of your plans for specialist planners to work with. You also have the possibility to present your properties professionally and attractively.

  • You save money and effort in countless administrative and construction work processes
  • They work with accurate and clean representations instead of pixelated and often inaccurate plans.
  • You have a professional presentation of your properties
  • You sell and broker your real estate much faster
  • You can better archive and protect your plans (fire or water damage) and retrieve them on screen at any time within seconds.

Taking measurements and drawing up plans

Are you planning a conversion and have no or no current plans? No problem! We bring your files up to date, with dimensional surveys and on-site inspection.

We measure your building - inside and out - and provide you with ready-to-use digital data or plans of the actual state. We plan with the widely used CAD system ArchiCAD and offer you the entire range of planning services through the use of BIM, from simple plan drawings to virtual building models. If desired, we can also create visualisations or 3D tours of your residential property in addition to CAD plans.

Scan vs. redraw plans

The scanning of paper plans and the automated vectorisation is not costly and at first sight inexpensive, but it is inefficient and often delivers unsatisfactory results. For such plans, vectorised by scanning, to be used by the architect and specialist planners, it requires a lot of subsequent work, which is ultimately paid for by the client.

We have the solution: We draw all building plans (floor plans, facades, sections, detailed plans, etc.) completely new by hand and you have CAD plans drawn by architects right from the start. In this way, it is possible to professionally place the different elements of a plan on separate layers or levels or to display the dimensional chains and texts exactly. We also pay attention to discrepancies, which we document for you.

Digitise plans? We'll take care of it!

Do you need more information about your plan digitisation? Would you like to have your scanned drawings professionally vectorised for further processing? Our specialist department is available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm. Simply call us on 031 311 44 55 or send us an email at info@archify.ch. We will be happy to advise you on any questions and provide you with our offer. Both the quote and the initial consultation are free of charge with Archify.

Digitise plans Prices

Single family house 2D plans digitise floor plans 200CHF / plan
Sections, views 150CHF / plan
Multi-family house 2D plans digitise floor plans 450CHF / Plan
Sections, views 300CHF / Plan
Digitise commercial objects 2D plans Depending on size and scope 600CHF / Plan

Have we aroused your interest?

If you are interested in our CAD services, please call us or send us your scans as PDF files via email to info@archify.ch or the download link, and we will provide you with an individual fixed price offer.

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