3D visualizations and CAD services
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3D visualisations for architecture & real estate

Detailed and photorealistic 3D visualisations

To present a project in a detailed and vivid way, explanations and 2D drawings are no longer sufficient today. Realistic 3D visualisations have therefore become the standard in architecture and real estate. Archify specialises in creating photorealistic and natural 3D visualisations according to your needs. And this at very favourable conditions, as our rates are around 30% cheaper than other providers in Switzerland.

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How much does a 3D architecture visualisation cost?

The costs for the creation of architectural visualisations or a 3D animation are made individually, according to your project requirements, the project scope and the required quality. We will gladly inform you about our offers and our indicative prices before the start of the cooperation. For a precise estimate of the effort and costs involved, please use our quotation tool and submit your project to us online for review.

Exterior view
Eye level

from 550.- per picture
  • Single-family houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Balcony and terrace views
  • Residential and commercial buildings


from 400.- per picture
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Loggia
  • General interiors

Bird's eye view

from 750.- per picture
  • Single family houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Balcony and terrace views
  • Residential and commercial buildings

All the above rates do not include VAT.

Successfully market your real estate with a 3D visualisation

Bring your architecture and designs to life! A professional architectural visualisation of interiors and exterior views of your properties visualise architectural details and offer potential customers the opportunity to experience materials, textures as well as the atmosphere and surroundings of your building project in three dimensions.

With the help of high-quality architectural visualisation, we support you in every phase of your project, from conceptual visualisation to the final marketing rendering. Rely on top quality services and benefit from professional visualisations for your building project. Our team has several years of experience in 3D visualisation and is at your side from the initial idea to the final visualisation.

How to create a 3D architecture visualisation

You want to put your property, new construction project, but also more unusual buildings and construction projects or the 3D design with high-quality interiors in professional hands? You've come to the right place, because as experienced architects we are the right address if you need architectural visualisations or interior visualisations of real estate.

The basis for our work is usually provided by plans or data from common CAD or other architectural programmes. Sometimes, however, we also start on the basis of rough sketches and even on the basis of telephone conversations we have already visualised.

Visualisation Phase 1: Plan preparation

The plans you provide are carefully cleaned up by our specialists, revised and converted into the required format as needed. In the process, all the subtleties of the original plan are retained down to the last detail.

Visualisation Phase 2: Modelling the architecture

Based on the digital plan material, our team creates a true-to-scale 3D model. We model walls, windows, doors, decorations and roofs. We model every little detail from flower pots to house numbers. We take information for this from your sketches, plans and/or information, incorporate our experience and are in close contact with you and/or your architect.

If a 3D model is already available, our visualisers can build on this, which of course has an advantageous effect on the price.

Visualisation Phase 3: Creating the environment

We create the subsoil and take gradients and unevenness into account. We model roads, paths, trees, plants, but also people that fit together to form a well-rounded ensemble. This ultimately contributes to the photorealistic result. Also the montage into already existing photo material is a matter of course for us. In the end, the result is a deceptively real image that you can use for the intended purpose. Of course, you can also provide us with your own material for this purpose.

Visualisation Phase 4: Texturing (surface design)

In this step, each surface of the 3D model is designed with a realistic material texture from our extensive library according to your wishes. The choice of optical and aesthetic features such as relief, grain and reflection is almost unlimited and allows the reproduction of haptic properties.

We determine surfaces and thereby give the object the final touch. From detailed wood structure to brushed stainless steel - everything is thought of. But not only surfaces, but also the properties of each material are taken into account.

Visualisation Phase 5: Post-processing

This last step gives our visualisations an individual mood and unmistakable dynamics through the targeted use of effects, accents and various image elements.

Visualisation Phase 6: Final acceptance/corrections

Never has a customer had to put up with an architectural visualisation that did not completely fulfil expectations or even significantly exceeded them. A great speciality of our visualisation department is the unlimited number of correction runs that we offer to every customer without additional charge.

We work according to the credo: It is only finished when the customer is 100% satisfied.

Our visualisation department offers various visually striking, high-quality visualisations that help architects' offices, real estate developers, property managers and real estate agents translate their vision and attract clients. Combined with our fair prices for visualisations, we are the deale partner in Switzerland when it comes to fast and uncomplicated and cost-effective handling of visualisation orders.

Why 3D architecture visualisations for real estate?

  • 3D visualisations support the presentation of a design idea and the development of the architectural design.
  • In contrast to two-dimensional plan representations or even verbal explanations, atmospheric images can be understood immediately and inspire emotionally.
  • A detailed 3D visualisation built into a photo of the building site allows a realistic look into the future.
  • Visualisations support sales and marketing.

Reasons for our architecture visualisations

Unlimited correction passes

With competitors, clients are often confronted with additional costs (usually based on time spent per hour) after the first correction pass. They either pay more or have to settle for the delivered architectural visualisation of their property. In any case, not a pleasant situation. With Archify, a 3D visualisation is not ready until you say it is!

Fair prices without hidden costs

With Archify, all jobs are offered at a fixed price. Multiple correction passes do not become a cost driver. The only situation where additional costs could arise is if there are changes to the plans during the work and changes are requested again after delivery of the final renderings.

Quantity discount

Multiple images of one and the same project, usually lead to a reduction in price. To avoid unexpected costs for you, all architectural visualisations are offered at flat and fixed prices!

4K resolution for single images at no extra charge

4K resolution stands for 4,096 pixel resolution, i.e. all individual images on Archify are at least 4,096 pixels wide on a page. 4K architectural visualisations provide more sharpness and brilliance. For videos, full HD (1920x1080) is standard.

How much time is needed for a 3D visualization?

The creation of high-quality and sophisticated 3D architectural visualisations usually takes us only two weeks and depends primarily on the planning data and material descriptions you provide us with. After the kick-off, you will receive the first drafts after just one week.

Specialist for photorealistic 3D visualisation

For architects, builders, investors and marketers, our 3D visualisations offer everything they need to successfully present and market their project. Our range of services includes:

  • 3D models for the development or presentation phase
  • 3D architectural visualisations (photorealistic)
  • 3D architectural visualisations (conceptual)
  • 3D exterior visualisations
  • 3D interior visualizations
  • 3D floor plans
  • 3D rendering
  • 3D Design, 3D Interior Design
  • 3D animations / 360° panoramas

Frequently asked questions

Q A Is a 3D model required?

No. 2D DWG plans are generally sufficient. However, an existing 3D model helps us to build our 3D model so that we can better understand the geometry of the project. However, the model that is finally rendered must be built from scratch so that the settings are optimised for rendering.

Q A Which files do I have to send to start a project?

The plans or sketches, together with details of which areas you wish to show. All appropriate levels, elevations, sections etc. together with further details of what areas you wish to show.

Additional useful information: Reference images of material surfaces, roughness, desired reflection.

Q A Can you take drone footage?

Yes, we offer drone photography. We use the Mavic Mini 2 with 12 megapixels, which does not require a licence thanks to its light weight of less than 250g.

Q A How long do I have to wait for my pictures?

An architectural visualisation with multiple interior and exterior renderings takes about three to four weeks, while an interior rendering project takes about one to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the interior. The actual turnaround time, on the other hand, is determined by a variety of parameters, including the type and quality of project details provided, the complexity of the project, number of viewpoints and specific features. Please contact us via the website and provide a brief description to find out exactly how long it will take to complete the job. Archify's team of experts will consider all your needs and provide you with a time estimate.

Q A How much do your services cost?

The price depends on the number of working hours spent on the project and the complexity of the task. Nevertheless, we want to be as transparent as possible towards our clients. The prices will be communicated to you in your personal non-binding estimate. We want our clients to be in control. You can find out more about our volume discounts from one of our field staff or simply contact us at info@archify.ch for a no-obligation quote.

Q A Are revisions free of charge?

Yes. We avoid a fixed number of revisions to a certain extent and only complete your order when the result is perfect. All revisions during the editing process are free of charge. It is important to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress before confirming the next step.

Any changes that later go back to these steps, such as lighting or camera shifting, may involve costs depending on the time required for the update (rate CHF 140.-/h). If the changes you wish to make exceed 60 % of the project effort, our team will be happy to start a new project with you.

Q A How do I get discounts?

We offer very attractive volume discounts and discounts for combining some of our products, e.g. interior renderings + virtual tours or animations. You may be eligible for discounts, so contact us for a no obligation quote.

Q A How do you guarantee the quality of your services?

We use interactive systems and like to work very closely with our clients, sharing all our references and progress and making sure we are on the right track. In addition, our project managers subject all images to a thorough proprietary quality control test before sending in a draft for revision.

Q A Is my data safe with you?

At Archify, we promise that all information about your company or projects will remain sacrosanct and covered by our privacy policy, which includes agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you wish, and providing standard and extended copyright for any visual assets you receive as a result of our collaboration. Our company only accepts payments over secure international networks, so you can be assured that all steps of our interaction are encrypted and sealed.

Q A Can we become business partners?

We are always open to long-term partnership opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our managers if you have any questions about a friendly quid pro quo partnership or if you would like to apply to become our partner.

Q A What are the advantages of 3D?

Probably the biggest advantage of 3D is the flexibility with consistent reusability and the resulting cost savings. Once content has been created, it can be displayed from different perspectives. Or they can be used in other projects. If the project allows it, objects and entire environments can even be purchased, which saves costs.

Created image scenes can still be animated afterwards. All objects and their arrangement can be used directly or simply adapted.

All output content can be processed directly. Whether they are to be incorporated into a website, a print product or a presentation - the output can be controlled so that it directly fulfils the requirements.

3D Visualisations Prices and Tariffs

Interior visualisation e.g. bedroom from400CHF
e.g. living room, dining area, kitchen from500CHF
360° visualisationper scene from750CHF
3D floor planper residential unit from175CHF
3D Animationper second from40CHF

Have we aroused your interest?

If you are interested in our 3D architectural visualisations, please call us or send us a message via the online contact form. After you have described your project and sent us existing data or sketches, we will prepare a free and binding fixed price offer.

Our customers

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in our company.

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